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How do I register?

  1. Create an account
  2. Update store wait times and/or our Howbsy community
  3. Make sure you are signed in when making updates

**Please note that all users who already have an account will be automatically registered**

How does it work?

You will earn points for every action you take on Howbsy. Once you reach a certain point threshold, you will be able to claim your prize on this page. Once you claim your prize, you will be contacted via email with reward delivery instructions.

  • Update store wait time - 1 point
  • Post in the Howbsy community - 3 points
  • Post in the Howbsy community and include a photo - 6 points
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Howbsy tote
50 Points

We first built Howbsy as a side project to help our community during COVID. What started as a side project, has now blossomed into a large community of valuable information powered by our 150,000+ users. It’s been amazing seeing so many people willing to help each other during this time and this is our way of saying thank you. 😊

Mae & Pan
Howbsy co-founders

Terms and conditions - Howbsy.com reserves the right to block any user demonstrating fraudulent behaviour on the website and in the Howbsy rewards program. This includes that any user may not be eligible for the listed prizes if they exhibit fraudulent behaviour.